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Maintain Domestic KitchenHygiene with Cleaning ofKitchen Extraction System:

Date: Tuesday , 13 April 2018

Cleaning of Kitchen Extraction System

There are times when you just think that only hotels or commercial restaurants and industries do need a vigorous cleaning of their kitchen extraction system. Many behave in a very reluctant manner about the cleaning of kitchen extraction system installed at home. Remember, the domestic kitchen is also used in a continuous manner. Various type of cooking is done in a domestic kitchen as well, and the canopy extractor fans or the ductwork area does consume or absorb smoke, dirt,and greases which needs thorough cleaning at least once in a month. Kitchen extraction system in domestic kitchens would provide you with a healthy and eco-friendly home.

Procedure to clean domestic kitchen extraction system:

Before you start to clean your domestic kitchen extraction system, you must maintain certain protocols. The major one is to switch off the mains. You then prepare some cleaning solutions and dip a soft cleaning cloth into the warm cleaning solution that you have prepared and gently wipe it over and around the extraction fan. Slowly, you will notice that the absorbed or stored dirt, dust, grime and grease are getting removed. If you find that the grease is hard to remove with that soft piece of cloth, you may also use a brush to give a scrub instead. Next, you take out the removable filter fan from the extraction system and wash it in the sink with the cleaning solution that you have prepared or with any other soapy water. But if you are using charcoal filters then please do not think of cleaning it yourself. Make sure that in every five to six months interval, they are cleaned by some professional and change them as per usage. After cleaning the extraction fan, prepare a new solution to clean the extraction hood. You must keep in mind that the type of filter inside the hood varies.There can be paper, metal, carbon or sponge filter inside the hood. The paper filter is disposable every month, metal and sponge filters can be cleaned in your kitchen sink with soapy water but carbon filters must be cleaned by ay professional or get it replaced every six months.

Wipe out hazard and breathe in a healthy air:

You must be aware of many cases where insurers have refused to pay out on claims following fires where the insured has not complied with the warranties on their buildings insurance policies regarding the regular cleaning of the kitchen extract system. Kitchen extraction cleaning is not a luxury but a necessity for every type and genre of the kitchen. Proper cleaning of kitchen extraction system will help you to make your home free of dirt, dust, grease, bacteria, fungi,and Fire. To avoid the hazardous cleaning, you may also call upon a reputed professional and trained kitchen extraction cleaning service providersuch asBest Tech Services Limitedwho would provide you kitchen canopy fan removal and clean with industry approved qualifications to Tr19 standards. Make it monthly, live healthily.

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