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How Deep Is Your Clean? Let Best Tech Take Care of it:

Date:Friday , 18 May 2018

How Deep Is Your Clean

Nowadays all the commercial kitchens hire kitchen extraction cleaning services to keep their kitchen immaculate and hygienic. But most of them fail to understand the importance of deep cleaning than normal ones. Neither there is the presence of legal requirements nor any measurable factors to fathom the depth of cleanliness.

Most of the commercial businesses are not aware of the fact of deep cleaning. Thus they face the consequences of closing down despite great business ideas and plan. Customers are well informed than ever and always search positive feedbacks available on the social media platforms. So as a food business owner you should always take care of hygiene factors of your business. It is not easier to regain reputation after negative reviews. These deep kitchen extraction cleaning services cannot be executed without trained professional services.

Best Tech Services Hygiene Ltd is one of the experts in the Extraction management, cleaning supports, ductwork cleaning management. We specialize and certified in industry approved qualifications to Tr19 standards for the removal services kitchen and duct cleaning.

Areas Best Tech Services Hygiene Ltd Covers for Cleaning Services:

  • • Electric ovens or gas ovens

  • • Deep Fryers

  • • Walk-in coolers and Freezers

  • • Charcoal grillers and grills

  • • Food preparation area

  • • Flat Top Griddle

  • • All the appliances available to the adjacent areas of the kitchen

  • • Plate Warmers, Hot Cupboards, and Pedestals

Procedures Of Best Tech Services Hygiene Ltd Deep Cleaning Services:

  • • Our technical team first disassembles the equipment of the kitchens. Then immerse it in the "dip tank".

  • • Equipment that can be cleaned by dipping is fryer pans, dismantled fan units, oven trays, grease filters, grill trays and any deliberately soiled items.

  • • All the electrical tools are set apart before any kind work related to cleaning.

  • • All the uncovered switches are wrapped with a waterproof cover to protect from any kind of mishap.

  • • Some of the heavy equipment we try to clean it outside the area but always try to unite it inside the kitchen area.

  • • Using scrapers or wire brushes we provide cleaning solutions to every area of the equipment.

  • • Additional grease is scraped off the inside walls.

  • • All the cooking equipment and adjacent areas are sanitized properly.

  • • All the cooking equipment and adjacent areas are sanitized properly.

  • • Before assembling all tools and equipment of the kitchen ceilings and wall areas are deep cleaned properly with the help of steam and wet vacuum cleaner.

How Often Is Deep Cleaning Necessary for Your Kitchen?

The need for specialist cleaning of extract systems will depend on the level of usage of the cooking equipment, types and quantity of cooking and other risk factors such as vulnerability of the system to ignition and of the building and its occupant/users to system fire, hygiene, vermin and mechanical hazards.

Deep Cleaning Interim the Commercial Kitchen Should Follow:

The frequency of usage of the commercial kitchen provides the necessity for professional cleaning services. It also depends on the other factors such as Types and quantities of food are getting cooked, cooking equipment and so on. Regular professional kitchen extraction deep cleaning system helps you stay away from vermin, system fire, sudden ignition and other mechanical hazards.

  • • Rigorous usage of 12-16 hours every day should clean interval of 3 months.

  • • Rigorous usage of 12-16 hours every day should clean interval of 3 months.

  • • Low usage 2-6 hours daily should clean interval of 12 months.

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